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Message from Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

"The first wealth is health"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
My philosophy that I share with my Al Amal family is that a place will always remain successful and blessed if it abides to ethical standards and procedures no matter what may come in its way.

In my opinion, Quality Healthcare must always be accompanied with Quality Assurances and Control, for it to be proudly delivered.

The late Dr Bashir Muhammad, built the blocks of this very organization solely with true dedication towards serving the people of Oman and improving the lives of those around him.

Today, Al Amal Medical Centre has been built with high ethical standards to prove its excellence, where your satisfaction is at the heart of every decision we take.

It is with great pride that I say, every member of Al Amal Medical Centre will continue to move forward along with the organization to serve our beloved country Oman better.  We will continue to improve our services, expand our facilities, and utilize the very best of technology for your convenience, without any compromise on the values instilled in the organization when it was first founded.

Every member of our team is synchronized with one another, having one aim:
To provide the finest health care possible to those we are privileged to serve... You!

I invite you to take a few seconds to think of an ideal place to be in whenever you may require medical care…

Where medical attention is provided with utmost humanity and kindness, rather than a form of business…

Where care and compassion is the only sense you and your families will experience upon entering and leaving our organization…

Where excellence is defined by the level of professionalism every member of our staff illustrates by providing you with first-class skills and knowledge…

Where cost will never be a barrier towards seeking the finest medical care…

This place is your very own second home…
Al Amal Medical Centre.

Yours in Health,

Managing Director