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About the Visionary

About the Visionary

Dr. Bashir Malik Muhammad was an individual who was, and still is in our memories, among the most sincere and humane persons before he was a Physician and Cardiologist.

Dr. Bashir's dream was to make healthcare accessible to all regardless of what background they came from. Dr. Bashir always strived to treat those who are in need of medical attention in the most ethical manner possible.

Dr. Bashir set the standard for a full fledged medical centre that was and is still the only ISO certified medical centre in the Sultanate since. Throughout his life he pledged to pass on and share his knowledge to fellow knowledge-seekers in various hospitals, medical centres  and institutions in the form of lectures. It was through this that Dr. Bashir redefined Continuous Professional Development in Oman

His legacy has set the base on which new ways of working and higher standards will be built on to meet the changing needs of patients in this dynamic environment we live in today.

He was The Respected Late Dr Bashir Muhamamad, a person to whom our gratitude from Al Amal Medical Centre cannot be quantified.